Why Yahoo Answer Is A Great Niche Internet Marketing Tool

The Yahoo Answer community is a great way to increase your online exposure and to boost your credibility. It is an online community whereby members ask questions and other members post answers.

The person who asks the question votes for the best answer and members can rate an answer with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

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Members get points for answering questions and get additional points whenever their answer is selected as the “best answer” and also if you receive thumbs up from fellow members.

The better the rating you have, the more credible a member you will become – you may even become a top contributor!

Generally, Yahoo Answers is seen as being a worthwhile method of internet based marketing for your site. It is also a very effective niche internet marketing tool.

For example, if your website is about dogs, then you can focus on answering questions in the “dog” category, and you can add your URL as a signature which will show up in the answers that you give.

If the answers you provide are good, you are pretty much guaranteed a lot of free targeted web traffic.

yahoo answer

It is also a good way to gain online credibility within the Yahoo community, especially if you are frequently rated favorably.

Also, questions and answers are shown in search engine results – you may have seen them when you have searched for things!

Using Yahoo Answers is a great niche internet marketing tool and a good way to get free targeted web traffic, as people will only land on the page with your question or answer on it if they have searched for it.

If you are able to provide a good answer, people are more likely to click on your link and visit your website. This is a really effective form of internet based marketing.

In order to start using Yahoo Answer, you need a Yahoo account. It is free to sign up for, you will receive 100 complimentary points upon signing up.

Every question you asks deducts points and every answer you provide will earn you additional points!

Sometimes, a good idea is to perform a Google search to find more information for an answer to make sure that the information you are giving is concise and correct.

The person who asked the question could easily have done this themselves. This will most likely result in your answer being chosen as the best one!

Don't forget to include your website link in your answer – you can put it as your source or just include it under your answer. The better your answers are, the more likely people are to click on your URL.

Remember that the answers that you provide must be of value. You want to give good answers in order to be rated favorably by people who will be reading your response.

Also, don't forget that a good credible answer will lead to people visiting your website.

Yahoo Answers does require quite a lot of you time, but it's a great internet viral marketing tool and it will pay off, as you will see a noticeable increase in your web traffic.

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