How to Utilize Wikihow to Boost up your Web Traffic

Things are getting better day-by-day regarding the information that people want.

Googlers and other internet surfers that come to get some information on internet include mostly the people who search for the “how-to” things like, how its possible to learn magic, how to generate free targeted web traffic, how to tame a rat, how to earn online, and even how to manage relations, etc.

It is a great platform to get “how-to” information. You can find any “how-to” manual there as it contains more than 60,000 articles and receiving about 19 million unique visitors every month.

Company has said that they are about to hit 20 million unique visitors per month. Wow!


Well, if they are getting such a huge amount of traffic on Wiki and its also providing users a service to submit their own “how-to” manual free of charge, why not use it your way to get exposure for your business or, products!

If used in a great way, Wikihow could prove to be an internet viral marketing tool. How? Let’s see:

If you are providing a freebie service and you want to get free web traffic for your website where visitors come and use your service, you’ve to go to places where you could find targeted visitors.

Just head towards wiki as it’s receiving the amount of visitors that every internet marketer could have imagined and create a simple but attracting useful “how-to” manual.

Don’t forget to leave your website link there and see free targeted web traffic pouring in your side.

But remember that your “how-to” manual should be such that the readers get attracted towards your products/service and want to visit your website.

The features your “how-to” manual should contain:

* Provide only original content that describes your website services.
* Don’t create a long “how-to” manual because visitors are here to find some quick answers.
* Try to give freebies, who don’t like freebies?
* Don’t describe all the information about your service. If you do that, reader will become curious and will desire to visit your provided link.

You know that how important is niche internet marketing for you to be successful in online quests, don’t?

If you do, you should give it a try.

If you write a “how-to” manual on wiki, it most probably will get ranked by Google.

From total 19 million visitors, its most probable that you get at-least 0.2 million visitors that is quite good figure. So, internet viral marketing is not that difficult using wikihow, huh?

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