Basics of What Is Internet Marketing

I often wondered what is internet marketing when I first started to look into online businesses. When I used to see Google ads displaying things such as "50000 visitors in a day" or "1 million visitors a month" and etc. I always thought it was extremely easy until I really researched deep into it.

It's completely different from what people thinks. Google first page ranking for certain keyword does not happen in a day, in a month and sometimes not even in a year. There is a lot of work involved in there. But it's not the hardest job on earth but you need to work a lot.

What is Internet Marketing: Traditional V/S Internet Marketing

Traditional marketing includes methods such as newspaper ads, TV ads, billboards, articles publication in magazines, flayers distribution and etc.

There are thousands of ways to promote your product offline. Some of the methods are expensive and some of them are cheap depending on what it is. But there is always a cost involved even if it's little.

But internet marketing is completely different and uses a lot of free promotional tools. These free promotional marketing tools are so powerful that it automatically helps you reach your potential customers.

So what is internet marketing? An inexpensive way to get potential customers.

what is internet marketing

What is Internet Marketing: Types

As I said before that internet has a great number of free promotional tools. But there are also some paid marketing strategies as well such as PPC, PPI, ad space and etc.

There are 2 types of internet marketing: organic and paid. Organic traffic comes from various sources such as search engines, directories, social bookmarking, blogs, forums and etc. There are many ways to get them.

Now for paid marketing, there are various way to do them as well. If you have enough capital, it is a very useful way to reach your targeted market faster.

Google Adwords is by far the most popular one among all of them. The best thing is, you can set up your own budget. Although, the paid online marketing strategies are much cheaper than traditional marketing. -- More on cheap online marketing

What is Internet Marketing: Benefits of Online Marketing

Well it's inexpensive, free in a lot of cases. Anyone can use it. It's one of the best way to market your product and services without spending much money for marketing.

Not only online businesses but a lot of offline businesses have started to use the power of internet viral marketing. And they are getting a lot of positive results.

Whether you have an online or offline business, internet is a great promotional platform, almost everyone has access to it.

Offline world is all about location, as online world is all about information. People tend to find all sorts of information online and there is a big potential market for it. -- More on the benefits of online marketing.

Internet Based Marketing

There are 2 main key points of internet based marketing: search engine spiders and human visitors.

As a marketer, your job is to keep both of them happy. You need to work with them rather than work against them. Most free web traffic comes from the search engines, and you need to target for getting into Google's first page for your high profitable targeted keyword.

But keep in mind that it does not happen overnight, it takes some time.

Search engines look at many different things when they rank your site. They look at the age of your site, the content and of course the backlinks.

Aged domains get better ranking than the new ones as search engines know they exist for long time and give them more credibility.

Second thing is your site's content. It needs to be unique and keyword-focused. If you just copy paste contents from other sites, search engines will find it out sooner and later and will punish you as non-credible source.

Finally is the backlinks, the most important part of the search engine optimization. Having backlinks is the way to show search engines, how many other sites are showing your link.

It builds trust for search engines about your site. Backlinks are done in many ways, some of the most common ones are social bookmarking, directory submission, blogs postings and etc.

Your human visitors need to be as happy as the search engine spiders. Search engines bring the targeted traffics to your website.

Your site needs to have enough content to presell your products. Since internet is all about information, more quality contents you provide, more visitors you have.

Your content needs to be good enough that your potential visitors come back to your website.

Returning visitors are the best. As they market your site through word-of-mouth marketing. -- Find more information about internet based marketing.

What is Internet Marketing: Online Marketing courses

A lot of institution in US and Canada have started giving online marketing courses. Also there are many websites claim to give you full online marketing courses for a monthly fees but are they really reliable? Not all of them.

I have started my research on online marketing since early 2008. And I have purchased a lot of ebooks, read a lot online articles and subscribed to a lot of membership websites.

I had learn a lot from them. Some of them do not even provide accurate information. Some ebooks are just waste of time, money and energy.

Some membership sites are extremely useless, just a waste of your money, they actually don't teach you anything properly. I had some experience like that with Wealthy Affiliate and other sites.

I had membership in Wealthy Affiliate for over 2 months but did not learn anything.

Then I found 2 websites that actually taught me what is internet marketing and how to do it. But it took me a while to understand everything about it. -- Read more on the online marketing courses

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