How to increase web traffic using Squidoo Marketing?


marketing is one of the most effective internet niche marketing tools.

Squidoo lens was founded by marketing guru Seth Godin.

Squidoo lens mixes the most beneficial features of article directories with blogs and social networking sites and make it effective into one package.

In addition, it is an outstanding way to get the target traffic and as well as to increase the search engine rankings.

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Here are most important things you should have to do to get the most from your Squidoo marketing efforts:

Do your research.

You have to do a bit of research before creating your lens. You have to check out other lenses in your niche.

The purpose of seeing the other lens is to keep eye on your competitor activity what they are doing and what things they are offering in their Squidoo lenses.

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Keywords phrases

Squidoo marketing is the great source for finding free web traffic. It helps to generate targeted traffic on your website. A lot of people search for information in Squidoo.

The lens is an effective way to get targeted free web traffic.

When you are creating a lens, you must make sure to your keyword in your title, as well as in your article body. This will help the search engines to identify your lens.

Make a search engines friendly lens

Provide quality information in your lens. Don't try to stuff in too many keywords and make it only for robots.

Instead make it for your human visitors. Add videos, Twitter and other useful modules to your lens but make sure not to add too many.

Most importantly add your blog through RSS feed and also "table of contents" module.

As well as update your lens daily for couple of days with more contents.

Don’t forget social bookmarking

Most webmasters use different forms of internet viral marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and etc.

But not all of them are necessary to promote your Squidoo lens. I would say promote it through Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon.

Do some promotion elsewhere if you want to.

Make sure your content is relevant

Keep in mind that Squidoo is a powerful method for internet niche marketing. Each lens must be created for a specific niche only.

So you must make sure that the contents in your lens must focus on the same niche.

It will help you drive more targeted traffic.

Study the Squidoo help pages and FAQs

Squidoo helps pages give you lot of information about how to effectively increase your lens ranking, traffic and as well as to increase revenue from your lens.

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