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Search It! A Great Marketing Tool...

Follow the natural, proven CONTENT >TRAFFIC >PRESELL>MONETIZE process

1) Recognize the fundamental reality of how people use the web.

Offline world is all about “location, location, location.” Whereas online world is all about “information, information, and information” (i.e., Content). So building a niche-focused theme content Site.

2) Do the critical up-front thinking and planning

• Develop a site based on what you know such as a hobby or past work experience and etc.

• Brainstorm the most profitable topics related to your theme.

3) Think like your traffic.

Create customer-focused contents.

• Optimize the pages for high ranking in the search engines.

The higher the ranking, the easier it is for warm targeted visitors to find you. Search engines will provide your site with free web traffic.

• Preselling through valuable content that establishes credibility.

The difference in Conversion Rates between preselling site vs. a sales pitch.

4) Don't depend on a single source of income.

Don't simply use a single revenue model. It won't make you much money in the end.

Having different stream of income will help you make a better income.

There are three WINDOWS of information that you will be researching.




Open your browser and start with...


Time to brainstorm some Keyword-Focused topics with Search It!

If you're not tapping into the unlimited information on the Web, you're missing out. Search It! converts you into a business power-surfer.

Search It! have so many useful purposes, for example...

• brainstorming

• Competitive research

• Domain naming and legalities

• Preselling content idea development

• Powerful tools for internet link building

• Identification of new monetization avenues

This powerful unique tool is simple to use. Keep it handy on your desktop perhaps in the upper left corner of your browser. OK, let’s fire up Search It!

A search could involve three or four steps. STEP 1 and STEP 2 both utilize a drop-down menu. For example, here is STEP 1’s menu

search it competition

I highly recommend that you click on the link, “Click here for information About Search Type AFTER completing Step 1 & Step 2,” every time you do a search. These short tutorials will help you get the most out of your research until you get more comfortable with Search It!

Now that the mini-orientation is over, let’s get started.

STEP 1… Select “Brainstorming” from the Search Category menu.

STEP 2… Select “Overture Suggestions” from the Search Type menu.

(Opps... now they have changed it to Yahoo! Search Vertical Brainstormer, but we will call it "Overture Suggestions" for now)

Here’s what you have done so far.

search it brainstorming

Don’t forget to click on the help link before you proceed!

STEP 3… Enter the keyword “fashion” (without the quotes).

Since there is no STEP 4 for this particular search, you can now hit the Search It! button. (Do not use the Enter or Return key.)

Let’s quickly recap your search formula.

Search It! > Brainstorming (STEP 1) > Overture Suggestions (STEP 2) >fashion (STEP 3)

Please note… we will use the above shortcut style when outlining the steps of future searches.

OK, onwards and upwards. Got your DEMAND WINDOW ready? Here are the most common keywords that Web surfers search upon that contain the word “fashion” at Overture.

overture suggestion

Now it’s time for.


Ready to prune out the LOW-PROFITABILITY topics? Before we can start pruning, we need to check out the SUPPLY of your “fashion-containing” keywords.

In other words, how many sites already provide content for the keywords that we found in your DEMAND WINDOW (i.e., WINDOW #1 above)? Let’s start the ball rolling with “fashion design.” Open Search It! once again. (You did keep it handy on your desktop, right?)

Search It! > Competition (STEP 1) > Google Single Keyword SUPPLY

(STEP 2) > Fashion design (STEP 3)

This specific search yields almost a million pages internet link building.

google search results

Repeat the same process for each of the “fashion”-containing keywords that you found in your DEMAND WINDOW.

Yes, seriously, do a search for each keyword. It is a bit tedious, but the research will pay off in spades.

Before you do those searches, create a MASTER KEYWORD LIST. I recommend that you do this either in a simple text file or via a database or spreadsheet program.

A database or a spreadsheet will speed things up and provide you with extra functionality.

DO use a MASTER KEYWORD LIST. It will evolve into the master blueprint for your entire site.

If you follow these instructions, the site will almost build itself! OK, here’s what to do with your MASTER KEYWORD LIST.

Create four columns and label them KEYWORD, DEMAND, SUPPLY, and SUPPLY SITE INFO. For each “fashion”-containing keyword in your DEMAND WINDOW.

1) Enter the keyword itself into the column labeled KEYWORD -- copy-and-paste to avoid typos.

2) Enter how many times it is searched (info that you found in the DEMAND WINDOW) into the DEMAND column.

3) Enter how many sites Search It! finds (in your SUPPLY WINDOW) in your column labeled SUPPLY.

4) Read the listings for the Top 20 sites that Search It! returns for each keyword.

Make brief notes in the fourth column, SUPPLY SITE INFO -- no need to free web traffic visit the sites yet (perhaps just a quick click to the home page if you need a bit more info).

Just get a flavor for the kinds of sites that each KEYWORD search delivers.

I’ve started your MASTER KEYWORD LIST for you

KEYWORD: Fashion
DEMAND: 418,114
SUPPLY: 96,100,000

NOTE: “Fashion” is too general. Don't bother researching this word for Products/services. The real opportunities lie in the niches, in topic keywords that have more specificity.

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