My personal review on the best online marketing course I have ever found

I started growing my interest in online business in late 2007. I had no idea how to work it out, did not know anything about it. I had a friend who told me that he had made some profit on ebay by selling couple of items.

I had some interest trying it out. I had some of the products at home that I wanted to get rid of so I posted them on ebay. Few days later, I had got a couple of bids from buyers who were interested buying my items.

I had made a few successful transaction through ebay and some of the products I was not able to sell. From then on, I started my research on how to make cash online and found a lot of articles, mostly sales pitch ads. I had purchased a lot of e-books, software and some membership plans.

I had bought e-books from some famous internet Gurus but all I can tell you is that most of them don't provide the real information.

Then one day, I found an article explaining how to make money online through a website. I was curious as the person was showing how she made 100 000$/year just through Google Adsense.

She had explained that you can build a website on any niche and make money from Adsense, affiliate marketing and so on. That article made me research the topic a little more.

And in mid 2008, I purchased a domain name called without having much idea what to do with it. I had taken a basic course on Dreamweaver in my college so I just had some basic idea how to work with it.

So I started building this site, I had about 6 pages and I thought I would be able to drive traffic. I had done marketing on MSN and Facebook but did not get much traffic and I also noticed that my traffic was getting lower day by day.

At that time, I had no idea on how link building works and how to make the site fully search engines optimized. So I decided to shut it down but I still wanted to build a website that generates some revenues for me.

So I kept doing my research on and finally I found SiteSell , the best online marketing course. Somehow I fall into that website and found a book called MYLW (make Your Links Work).

This book made things much easier for me, the amount of information I found through my research for the past several months seemed worthless.

This book explained me everything about building traffic. I understood everything from how to build backlinks from directory, link exchange, article marketing and so on.

And then on December, 2008, I made the best decision of my life. I bought the SBI package for 300$. The investment seems to be a lot but it does not seem that much when you make twice the amount per month within a year.

Their package includes everything from brainstorming to website builder, and their tips and techniques articles are extremely helpful. I have purchased a lot of subscriptions from other websites but have never been that satisfied.

They provide the best online marketing course that you need to build and market your website.

What I have understood from my experience that building a website is not so hard but having a fully SEO website and having the knowledge to drive traffic to it is the hard part.

The good thing with SiteSell is that you are always getting the help you need. It is really for the beginners and even for advance users as well. The video action guide explains everything you need to know.

They also help you choose your niche if you are not so sure what to build your site on. Their brainstorming tool is awesome, it gives you all the profitable keyword you need to use to get into the market quickly.

Just the forum is worth more than the price you are paying for everything. There is always someone there for you when you need help. Senior SBIers help new subscribers whenever they need it. And it pays forward.

It has made possible to create a website for those who has no knowledge on HTML or any web building software. Their block-by-block site builder is awesome and extremely easy to use.

Once you build a web page, the software automatically verifies if it meets the 30 on-page SEO rules to get good ranking. If you miss any of the rules, the analyzing option tells you to fix it.

I don't think none other software does it. back to my story...I started using this software in December 2008, and created my website

and within a year, my site has got PR 2 and I am making about 600$/month which is not that much but good enough for me and the good thing is, it's growing.

Although to conclude, I would say that Solo Build It is the best online marketing course that not only teaches you how to market your site but also give you the necessary tools and help to achieve your goal.

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