Guidelines to Build Your Credibility Through Niche Internet Marketing Strategies

You can bring highly targeted warm visitors through niche internet marketing strategies. It is sort of building your trust through the hub-pages, sort of like a mini-sites. Link coming to your sites from these hubs benefits you in two ways.

First of all, you get a good backlink which boost up your SEO rankings. As well as you get instant social traffic from warm and highly targeted traffic.

Squidoo Marketing

niche internet marketing

Squidoo is a popular publishing platform that allows you create "lenses" easily. Squidoo lenses are mostly found in Google's first page for highly competitive niches.

Google loves Squidoo and lenses that are properly done have a good chance to rank higher. Squidoo can play an important role for your website but is not a mandatory tool to get high ranking in the search engines. Read more on Squidoo Marketing Strategy.


niche internet marketing

Hubpages is my favorite. It makes it so easy for you to build a mini-hub for your website. Building your credibility cannot be easier than this. Hubpages are the best niche internet marketing tool.

Build your channel and build your trust around people who are interested in the similar niche as yours. But as always keep it simple, keep it real. Check out how to build your creadibility with Hubpages.


knol traffic

A "Knol" is a unit of knowledge and according to Google, Knol are written by people who have knowledge on the subject. It had a massive growth in the year 2008-2009. Google has a lot of hope for this product.

They are trying to build the next Wikipedia with it, but a better version. But it is a helpful tool for marketers to build their credibility and gain inbound link. Read more on How Knoling can benefit you.

Submit Your Site to Deep Links Directory to boost your SEO rankings.
Scribd is a great way to get a high PR backlink.

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