Build Incoming Links Through Link Exchange Strategy

Link exchange strategy is one of the easiest methods of internet link building. More than 95% web surfers uses search engine to look for information on the web.

Getting backlinks from high quality website will make search spiders to crawl your website quickly.

But you may have an uphill task getting them to link you but here I will sure you a short cut of getting link exchange partners easily.

1. Search engines Queries: Use Google , Yahoo and Ask and run searches for free targeted web traffic

Replacing "keyword" with a keyword related to your site:

Keyword add url

Keyword add site

Keyword add link

Keyword submit url

Keyword links directory

Keyword link swap

Keyword link exchange

Keyword related site

Keyword reciprocal line

Keyword links directory

Note: Just be careful not to offer an exchange internet link building with a link farm.

2. Find Out Who's Linking To Your Competitor's.

Find out who is linking to your competitor and try and acquire a link with the sites. You can find it through their sites. Once you get the info, you can work on getting a link exchange strategy with them.

3. Link Exchange tools.

There are several excellent websites that webmasters with related sites that are interested in exchanging links. Two of the site is likelier and SiteSell’s sites value exchange. I personally use site sell’s value exchange. It is good and you can get link exchange through SiteSell

4. Other Link Exchange Forums.

Find websites that relate to your site that link exchange Forums. A great one would be and look into their link exchange section for more info.

All the above 4 methods are somehow proven, dependable ways to find a link exchange strategy partners. Use them but make sure that your partner's site has some quality contents as well.

Most importantly participate in SiteSell’s Value Exchange. It is the simplest, fastest, most efficient, and (most importantly) most real way to identify high-value sites that want to link to your site.

It's also a true ethical use of the Net, exactly the way Search Engines want you to do it relevant sites linking to relevant sites only. And did I mention that it’s also free?

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