How to Use Google Knol To Get Free Targeted Web Traffic


is a project by Google which allows individuals to create articles on subjects which they have knowledge on.

A “Knol” is defined as being “a unit of knowledge” and is meant to the be first point of reference for the public who are searching for information on any given topic.

So what is the difference between this article submission site and Squidoo, Ezine or Hubpages?

Well, to put it simply, it is Google, and even though it has the same problems as it's competitors, such as inaccurate or incomplete articles, the fact that it is affiliated with Google will make your Knol more credible – provided it provides high quality and well researched information.

google knol

This will get you a lot of Google traffic and is really a great form of niche internet marketing.

It will also bring in free targeted web traffic and allows for internet link building.

A lot of people have criticized Knol as becoming the next Wikipedia, but articles are published via the writer's Google account, so that nothing is anonymous.

Your name will be attached to everything that you have published.

The key behind success is quality content! If you want to use this article submission site for niche internet marketing, then you need to write informative articles that will make people want to visit your website after reading your article.

A lot of serious contributors do not put Adsense ads on their Knols.

You might be losing a few dollars of revenue, but when it comes down to it, visitors and Google will notice that your article isn't covered in advertising which makes it seem more professional and it will look like it is of a higher quality than articles with ads.

At the end of the day, it doesn't make a huge amount of difference which article site you choose to submit content to if you are looking to use writing as a internet marketing tool to bring in Google traffic.

Whenever you write anything, you must remember that your name will always be attached to it.

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Always ask yourself if you would post what you wrote for Knol or Hubpages on your own site.

If the answer is no, then you better revise what you wrote to make it meet your own standards.

If the readers notice that the quality of your work is poor and completely covered in advertising then they probably won't visit your site, or worse still, you could be reported for spamming if you just copy and paste something to submit.

Poorly written articles do not help you at all with internet link building and will definitely effect the amount of free targeted web traffic that you could be bringing to your website.

If you are just going to write a poorly written article, then it really isn't worth you time to write anything at all.

I have wrote a couple of Knols. Please take a look at my page.

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