How to Build Traffic to Your Website with Keyword Internet Marketing

There are many ways to generate web traffic, some for free and some paid. Needless to say, I prefer using free methods although some people might have a different taste.

Keyword internet marketing is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your website with little effort on your part.

Key examples of how you can do marketing are as follows:

Choosing the right keyword

Choosing the correct keywords is one of the most important steps in the whole search engine optimization & search engine ranking process.

Major search engines such as Google creates user interfaces that lets people find the best website according to the keyword they put into it.

Your site may contains the best information but the spiders would not be able to rank your site if it is not properly optimized with the keywords.

Keyword internet marketing is really important in every SEO campaign. Keywords are the first way to tell the search engines what your website is about.

Keywords also help you predict the demand for your market.

Obviously, more businesses competing for the same word would competition.

keywrod internet marketing

Boost your web traffic

Make people feel something

The most important trick of all is to create a very strong emotion through keyword internet marketing. Offer high quality products that spread your marketing message.

Write well-researched content and e-books on your niche, add your URL and make them keyword-optimized.

Moreover, your human visitors would find your content valuable and search engines would find it easy to rank.

These little things can boost your web traffic ranking a lot.

Do something unexpected

Offer your visitors something free but valuable can spread your words through word of mouth.

People love free stuffs, it can be anything such as free information, solution or a free e-book. But always make the use of your keywords in a natural way.

Do not just give them something useless, they would find it waste of their time and would not return to your site ever again.

free web traffic

Use effective programs

Use traffic exchange programs where you exchange website links with other webmasters.

Make sure that your partner's site is related to your niche. And the best thing about it is that you can ask them use anchor link to your site using your targeted keyword.

Boost your SEO ranking

Through ON-Page SEO

On Page SEO simply refers to the contents in your site. Write keyword-optimized contents for your site, but keep it real.

Do not write something that does not make sense. Use your specific keywords naturally so it drives the search spiders to your website.

seo rankings


The title of your content

* Use your specific keyword in your title.
* Make your title speaks about your content.
* Do not use your keyword more than once.
* Do not use large title as Google Index only 75 Characters.

Make use of “description” Meta tag

This is the most important marketing is on-page SEO element (when it comes to what is getting indexed by the search engines).

Meta tags tell search spiders what your site is about and the three most important one are title, keywords and description.

You must put your specific keyword in all of them to fully optimized your website.

Good Meta description

* It should summarize accurately the page’s content, useful in marketing.
* Descriptions should not be unrelated to the content of the page.
* You should also avoid using descriptions like “this is a coffee webpage”.
* Descriptions should usually be less than 160 characters.


< head >

< meta name="keywords" content=" Coffee tastes best when it is fresh " />

< meta name="description" content="coffee - Get best coffee, world to drink coffee" />

< title > Best coffee - Drink it directly after you brew it. Coffee tastes best when it is fresh.< / title >

< /head >

Improve structure of your URLs

Search engine friendly URLs are not a “must” – they are however recommended.

Google suggests that these allow for better crawling, and that they appear “friendlier” for those who want to link to your content on keyword internet marketing.

It is a good practice to add your keyword in your domain. For example my specific keyword is "free web traffic" so that's why I put it in my domain.

Important tactics Used in Tag of web pages

Heading tags Optimized heading tags are extremely important for SEO ranking.

It helps both search spiders and human visitors to understand what your content is about.

Google looks for keywords in your heading tags, weighted in importance from h1 to h2, and on down the list.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Use Bold Tagged keywords

* Like H1 tags Google also prefer bold tags.
* Means during indexing sites Google make importance to the Links those are anchored on BOLD keywords.

For images use alt attribute in IMG tag

* For images used in website, Use ALT attribute

< img src= "coffee.gif" alt="Hot Coffee" />

* Image name must be relevant to the image. Means image name must describe the content inside that image.

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List of relevant keywords

Short description of page

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