Blackhat SEO Internet Marketing Scams

As a webmaster, you have to be very wary of internet marketing scams. The most popular scams are Blackhat SEO scams.

The term “Black Hat” is no longer necessarily in reference to computer hackers who plant viruses or copy information illegally from other computers.

Blackhat scams are sometimes referred to as “spamdexing” and are defined as behavior that deliberately goes against search engine terms of service.

internet marketing scams

The most popular Blackhat SEO scams include and are not limited to the following: hidden links where a link appears to be the same color as the rest of the text – i.e. it isn't made to stand out as a link should be; cloaked pages – pages that appear as one thing to the search engine and as something completely different to the visitor; and finally blog comment spam – anyone with a blog will how irritating it is when they have to approve comments and 95% of the comments are spam.

Most of the major online marketing scams come as emails or cold calling from “companies” offering you web traffic software which supposedly enables to you get onto page 1 of Google and will bring you thousands and thousands of visitors every day.

The saying “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is” is very relevant to finding an internet marketing company.

More often than not, companies that essentially are offering for you to buy web traffic and guaranteeing things left and right are not worth your time and are probably just out to scam you.

One of the most common internet marketing scams is one where the company insists that you have to re-submit your site to search engines every month.

This is not true; you never have to submit your site to search engines every month, only once is good enough.

Blackhat companies will charge you monthly for re-submitting your website, when this doesn't need to be done.

You must always remember that you cannot necessarily buy web traffic. Any site that promises or guarantees you anything is most probably an internet marketing scam.

If the search engines find a site that is involved in Blackhat behavior, they actually ban them, so that they won't show up in their search results.

This would be extremely detrimental to any website, as it would mean that no more new traffic could come from the search engines.

There is some web traffic software that has been reviewed and rated favorably among the online community.

But if you choose to use an internet marketing company, you really need to do your homework first and make sure that people aren't having any problems with it and, more importantly, that it is legitimate.

All website owners must remember to be vigilant when doing business with other companies.

The last thing you need is to have your site blacklisted by the major search engines for terms of service violations because of a dishonest company that is running internet marketing scams.

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