Search Engine Spiders – A Crucial Factor in Internet Based Marketing

If you want to put your business online, you must have some basics knowledge on internet based marketing.

There are many benefits of online marketing as it's really inexpensive and helps you reach the global market.

But however many entrepreneurs still use the traditional way of marketing. And they simply don't know the benefits they can get out of this goldmine.

Understanding search engines algorithm is crucial when it comes to internet based marketing.

In addition, it's also important to understand how to increase web traffic through backlinks, social media and other web promotion methods.

Importance of Search Engine Spiders

internet based marketing

A webmaster always have 2 types of traffic: human visitors and search engines spiders.

In order to rank well in the search engines, you must understand how the search spiders work.

As well as how do they view and rank your website, what key features do they focus on.

The moment a spider lands on your site, it merely looks at the HTML structure.

It is not capable identifying JavaScript or flash animation, as a result if you would like to have your website well optimized, do without the fancy stuff.

Meta tags are really important, they actually help spiders to understand what your site is about.

The three most important tags are title, keyword and description.

The quality of your site's content is one more important criterion, which can put you high-flying in a search engines' grading.

Quality content has to be unique; keywords need to be optimized, new, informational, free of charge & appropriate to your website niche.

Most of the search engine spiders do not pay concentration to flash presentations or high resolution images, however they are content focused.

If all the content on your site is high focused on the same niche, the spiders will see you as a reliable source, thus your site will be ranked higher for that niche.

Getting backlinks push your site in front of your competitors.

But if you really want to get the benefits of online marketing, you must go for niche-related quality backlinks rather than poor links that aren't related to your niche.

Internet viral marketing is also very necessary to promote your website through social media and other techniques.

Top search engines ranking will bring a lot of free web traffic.

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