Use Hubpages To Get More Targeted Web Traffic

Hubpages is a growing online community of writers who submit articles on subjects that they are knowledgeable on.

It is a bit like Triond or Google Knol. You can submit articles and you get paid when people click on the ads. Unlike Triond, you do not get paid for views on your articles.

Hubpages are definitely search engine friendly, so you will be able to improve search engine ranking for your own site by adding backlinks.


Like all of the other article submission sites, if you are using them as an internet link building tool to get free targeted web traffic, you have to write high quality articles that are informative. Poor articles only reflect badly on you, and in the end, your website may end up missing out on a lot of new traffic.

Hubpages allows you to earn money from placing ads by Google, Amazon or even Ebay.

This is a great way to make money and to market yourself to readers who are interested in your niche. But don't forget that articles which have ads in every little bit of free space generally don't come across as being very credible.

It's just like a website, if it is plastered in ads and full of awful content, people aren't going to be return visitors.

Hubpage users create pages called “Hubs” and unlike its counterparts, such as Squidoo, users are penalized for submitted duplicated, plagiarized content or overly-promotional content.

These restrictions are good in the sense that they help to maintain a high quality of content; although some users may find these rules unnecessary.


Hubs are rated with a HubScore which reflects the amount of incoming traffic, uniqueness of the article, positive or negative votes from other users and the overall quality of the author – i.e. their participation in the community, amount of content published, etc.

You can get a lot of free targeted web traffic, but if you over use your link, it may be made into a “nofollow” and readers will not be able to reach your site.

So be very careful if you are trying to do internet link building with your articles, and remember not to spam your link everywhere – this applies to everything, from an answer on Yahoo! Answers to a comment that you post on another user's article.

Hubpages, if used properly, can really improve your search engine ranking and increase the incoming traffic for your website.

Always remember that your focus should be on creating high quality and credible content.

If you do not have this, then it doesn't matter how many articles you create, as people will not want to continue reading your work or feel the need visit your site.

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