How to Increase Web Traffic: Off-page SEO Techniques

Off-page SEO is really important for getting free web traffic to your site. But most people spend their time on useless methods to increase their traffic. Some of them waste their money buying links from other site to increase the PR.

Remember it does not happen overnight, it will take some time and some work. Google and Yahoo has changed their algorithm recently, they give more credits to link that comes from similar niche not just the general ones.

For example if your site is about cardio exercises, then links coming from weight loss, abs exercise, yoga and etc. sites would be really great. As well as your site, your links must also be niche-related.

After building a website, do not spend too much time figuring out how to increase web traffic. Instead just get the ball rolling. A great start would be blog commenting. Blogs related to your niche are extremely great way to start your internet link building campaign.

how to increase web traffic

Google Blogsearch is a great way to search for relevant blogs similar to your niche. All you need to is search the blog by your relevant keywords and it will give you the best result. You can even search for blogs with comments only.

All you need to do is participate on the blog and make a comment with your link. Keep it real, make some useful comments that makes the writer and readers believe that you have actually read the article.

Don't just leave your link and make a useless comment because then you will be considered as SPAM.

Web directory submission is also a great way to increase some traffic. There are over 20 000 directories but listing your site in every single one of them is worthless. Directories that are not related to your niche or the ones with low PR makes no difference upon your listing.

You need to add your site on the main directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Best of the Web, Business and etc. to increase your link popularity. As well as it is a good practice to add your site on some high PR niche directories. Deep linking directories are also good choice.

Article marketing is really an awesome way to get most targeted traffic. I have been helping a lot of people to achieve their goals through article marketing.

This method is extremely awesome if you can write unique articles for each submission. Unique and quality articles get a lot of hits and when you include your URL at the end of your article, the readers will click on it if they like your article.

But the big work behind this method is to write the articles. For each site you need about 200-300 articles in order to achieve the real goal.

Anchor links are great way to boost your link popularity. Although some people see it as a black hat SEO method but it is not as bad as other methods. Including the targeted keyword on your link will give you a good backlink.

These are some of the methods on how to increase web traffic through internet link building methods. There are also some other ones you can use to push your SEO ranking but these are some of the best and most common ones.

I have been providing my SEO services to my clients for the past 2 years and I can guarantee you that these methods are extremely useful. A lot of people spend a big chunk of money buying links.

But you can have a better result if you put in some of the really good web and article directories. You also need to find some of the related sites for link exchange .

As well as it is a good thing to find related niche directories/hubs to get backlinks.

Search It! is an excellent tool for getting inbound links. It helps you find your niche-related directories, hubs, forums, Yahoo Answers and much more according to your target keyword.

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