Understanding the Basics of Google SEO Services

google seo services

Google maintains an up-to-date index in the search engines through the crawlers that use advanced indexing algorithms.

It plays a very important role in terms of SEO rankings of any website. As we all know that having a good position in Google automatically brings free web traffic.

Google’s free webmaster tool offers an easy way to make your site more Google-friendly. It’s a great Google SEO services to help you rank higher.

It helps Google to keep up-to-date about your site.

For example when you update a page on your site, Google will automatically find out about it through the webmaster tool.

I simply love this service, it also gives you a lot of tips and techniques on how to do ethical SEO for your website.

Google Webmaster Tools Features:

Diagnostic Tools

Crawl errors. Lists the pages and the specific errors that occurred when Google boot tried to crawl them. This helps you quickly identify and fix any crawl errors.

Robots.txt analysis. Provides Googlebot’s view of your robots.txt file -- including when Googlebot last accessed the file, the status it reports, and if your robots file blocks access to your homepage.

Use this feature to test changes to your robots.txt file against multiple Google crawlers (e.g. search, content, or image).

This enables you to see how they would affect your site crawl, and to make sure there are no errors in the file before making changes to the file on your site.

Manage site verification. Provides the ability to update site ownership when there’s a transition in site owners

Preferred domain. Enables webmasters to tell Google which URL (www or non-www) to use when Google indexes their site.

Site Statistics Tools Query stats. Displays the top queries on Google that return pages from your site, and the top queries on Google that directed traffic to your site (based on the number of clicks to your pages in Google search results)

Crawl stats. Shows the distribution of pages that were crawled successfully and the distribution of pages that Googlebot couldn’t access.

Page analysis Lists the common words in your site content, and displays common words in links to your site.

Index stats. Provides information on how Google is indexing your site, including indexed pages, pages referring to your site’s URL, pages that link to your site, current site cache, and pages that are similar to your site

Sitemap Tools Add Sitemap. Enables you to upload a general web or mobile sitemap to tell Google additional information about your site.

Sitemap Generator. A simple Python script that can be used to automatically create Sitemaps and submit them to Google.

Additional Google Sitemaps Features

Mobile Sitemaps. Enables you to submit URLs to the Google mobile index which increases the addition of indexed pages and therefore expands our coverage of the mobile web.

Getting started with Google SEO Services:

Create your Google webmaster tools account at Google Webmaster Central .

Add your website to your account and complete the site verification process to start seeing statistics for the pages already included in the Google crawl.

Site verification ensures that only site owners can see detailed statistics and other information.

If you can upload a verification file to your website, we consider you a site owner and will show you details about your site.

Create a Sitemap in three simple steps

1) Use the Sitemap Generator (www.google.com/sitemap-generator) to create a Sitemap.

2) Upload the Sitemap to your website.

3) Enter the URL for your Sitemap in your Google webmaster tools account.

Please visit http://www.google.com/webmasters/ for more information on these tools.

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