How to use Google Blogsearch effectively

Google blogsearch is Google search engines for blogs only.

It helps you find blogs that are related to your niche by simply entering the keyword.

Most blogs are interactive. You can add your comments and participate in discussions.

google blogsearch

Finding and reading blogs

Reading a blog

Read blogs that you find interesting. Something really related to your niche. Subscribe to them.

Some of them let you subscribe by e-mail, but for most you will have to subscribe by RSS feed using a news reader.

Get interactive

This really helps your SEO rankings and help you get some free Google traffic.

Most blog let you comment on them and the best part is you can add your URL on the URL box. Find a blog that seems appealing to you and comment on it.

Blog owners love visitors who comment on their blogs. But keep it real, comment something valuable such as a solution or raise a question and etc.

But simply do not write comments such as "awesome post" or "thanks", blog owners simply tend to ignore them and consider as spam.

To find blogs of interest


Search for blogs that are related to your niche and contain active users commentary.

Use Google blog search to find related posts. (Remember, searching with quotes around your keywords helps find blogs mentioning an “exact phrase” only).

Find blogs that are regularly updated, as well as they have dofollow links.

google blogsearch

Here are easy ways to find popular blogs

1. Add the word "blog" with your keyword. For example if you're looking for blogs about personal development search Google for "personal development blog"

2. Add the word track back to your Google search. A track back is a blog component that automatically "pings" another blog when a new post or comment appears on a blog. Search Google for "personal development track back" to find high quality blogs for internet link building.

3. Add the word "typepad" to your Google search. Search Google for "personal development typepad" to find high quality blogs based on Typepad for free web traffic.

4. Add the word "wordpress" to your Google blogsearch. Search Google for "personal development typepad" to find high quality blogs based on Wordpress.

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