Get Free Targeted Web Traffic with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is completely different than search engines marketing. Social media is all about getting instant traffic such as Digg, Twitter and etc. Social media marketing tools are best for free targeted web traffic.

Neither it gives you a good ranking in the search engines nor it helps you to boost the PR. But it helps you to promote your site and also to keep your visitors up to date about your site.

It helps them follow you in real time. The best viral marketing method for spreading the word about your product. It helps your visitors to tell about your products to their friends as well.

Google is being more social everyday. Their new algorithm gives more importance to niche and social media marketing.

free targeted web traffic

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is quick and a really powerful tool for marketing. It can help you bring many visitors to your site from a single tweet.

You should focus on niche twittering instead of Twittering. In order to get free targeted web traffic from your tweets, you must add people who are interested on your niche.

There are some programs that let you follow people who share the same interests as you. So when you follow them, some of them follow you back. And those who don't, simply unfollow them.

Share some good tweets and build a relationship with them. Read more on Twitter Marketing.

Digg Traffic

Same like Twitter, Digg is a no follow tool that helps you promote your site. Digg somehow helps the search engines ranking. Since Digg has got really well SEO rankings, it only needs a few digg to rank higher in the search engines.

As well as it is a great tool for getting more visitors. If your digg has couple of diggs from other people, it grabs the attention of their friends and other visitors as well. Check out more on Digg traffic.

Facebook Marketing

People share their status, thoughts, pictures and etc. through Facebook. But have you ever thought of it being a marketing tool.

The value of having friends on social network works really awesome in terms of marketing. Since they know you, your trust is already built for them.

They trust you more, so they will have the eager to see your site. They will tell their friends about your site as well. More on how Facebook marketing works.


StumbleUpon is another social bookmarking site that became popular enough for eBay to purchase it.

There are over 3.7 million "Stumblers" voting on and reviewing Web pages that they find. Along with social bookmarking, you can also socialize with other with StumbleUpon.

You can create your personal page and add new friends and grow your list. Read more on how to "Stumble".

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