Learn How Facebook Marketing Will Increase Your Web Traffic

Facebook is an international phenomenon. It is the best online tool for free viral marketing. Learn how Facebook will increase your web traffic and how you can use Facebook as an internet link building tool.

Facebook started out as nothing more than a school project. Now it has spread worldwide and everyone and their pet has a Facebook page. Facebook marketing is a great way to reach a huge number of people in a very small amount of time – with very little work!

facebook marketing

The popularity of social networking websites such as Facebook and Myspace makes internet viral marketing very simple. With Facebook, the easiest thing to do is to create a group for your website or business.

Ask a few of your friends to help you by being moderators and officers. They can help even more by requesting that their friends join your group.

Let's see how that scenario would work. Let's pretend that there are two moderators and four officers, and they each invite 200 friends to be a part of your group – that would potentially give you 6 x 200 = 1,200 visitors.

And then we'll include the 300 friends that you have, and that gives you a total of 1,500 potential visitors that could become returning visitors and customers.

A good thing to do with your newly created group, is to add discussion topics and send messages to your group members. You have to keep in touch with your Facebook network to make Facebook marketing effective.

Just like non-on like marketing, you have to keep networking in order to keep your contacts interested! Messages are a great form of internet viral marketing as you can send them to your entire group – even if some of the members aren't in your friends list.

The best thing about Facebook marketing is that it's free and there is no limit to the amount of free web traffic you could have. Also, because your friends know you, they would be more inclined to click on links because they trust you.

It's not like receiving an email from an unknown address with just a link – people do not feel comfortable clicking on links like that.

Another great thing to do is to post links on your friends' walls, or set your URL as your status.

This is a good form of internet link building. You want to get your URL out there as much as you can to encourage people to visit your website. Facebook marketing is a really effective way to get and increase your free web traffic.

Facebook allows it's users to “share” things on their profiles. This enables your friends or group members to share things that you have posted on their walls, mass messaged or posted on your group's profile.

Although this particular Facebook marketing strategy is not controlled by you personally, it is a form of internet link building that can be very effective. Sharing a link enables what you sent out to be shared with your friends friends – you will be able to reach even more people!

Happy Facebooking!

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