How To Market Your Website: Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy

Ebooks are fast becoming the newest way to read; they are also becoming a very popular internet marketing promotional tool.

You don't have to be the next Shakespeare or even be a "writer" to use an ebook internet marketing strategy to promote your website.

As long as you have subject matter to write about and you can compile it in a good way, then you're halfway to publishing your first ebook.

And actually creating an ebook is nothing more than writing it in Microsoft Word and then converting it to a PDF file.

Ebook internet marketing strategy is quite simple, and is actually a very effective free viral marketing tool that will bring you a lot of free targeted web traffic – if you market specifically to your niche.

You also have the potential to make some extra money by selling your ebook.

ebook internet marketing strategy

You will have some things to consider once your ebook is ready to be publicized. You will have to decide how much your ebook will cost, or whether the first one should be free – to act as a promotional tool for you.

Free books have the power to attract more readers, as most people will go for what is free or inexpensive.

So a free book is something to consider to get more readers familiar with you and your subject matter.

Another ebook internet marketing strategy to consider would be to set up an entirely different site for your ebook.

This will be more work for you, but this way you can add a blog to your ebook site which can inform your readers of new projects, when to expect more books, you can link to your main website and create backlinks between the two – which is a great form of free viral marketing!

Back links between your two websites will bring more free targeted web traffic to your main website and be another internet marketing promotional tool for your new ebook.

You can also write short articles for your ebook site. You could include things that you will be covering in your next book, or you could use the articles to answer questions that readers have asked you – this is actually a great way to build a relationship with your readers.

Another good ebook internet marketing strategy is to get a Twitter account for your ebook website.

You could do this instead of a blog, and add a Twitter feed to your website's home page.

The marketing part is usually the easiest, as you just need to remember to follow the same steps you took for your main site.

The challenge for most ebook writers (and writers of any kind) is to find their inspiration and to pick the right keywords to target your niche!

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