Get More Free Targeted Visitors Through Digg Traffic


is a social bookmarking platform which bears resemblance to StumbleUpon.

It is a platform that allows people to find and share content from sites such as international newspapers to obscure blogs to videos and images.

Increased Digg traffic is generated from ratings from other users which increases the popularity of your links and is a great form of internet link building.

As with all of these social bookmarking sites, the goal is to make the hot list so that your site appears on the home page – the more Digg traffic you can get, the better!

If one of your links is able to make it onto the front page, then there really is no limit to the amount of traffic you will get.

digg traffic

But with that being said, you want people to visit your site and to browse around and click on ads or buy your products.

You don't want visitors to exit straight from the entry page without taking some time to look around your site.

How do you prevent this? With good solid content. It's no good getting two thousand views in one day from Digg traffic or Google traffic and not have any of these people end up being returning visitors.

Everyone likes to see traffic spikes – as it means that people are finding our sites. But traffic spikes are only good if they actually lead to a higher number of returning visitors.

The best way to get free targeted web traffic is through niche internet marketing.

Digg is a good platform for this because pages that are ranked highly are more easily found by the search engines therefor you will get more Google traffic.

A great thing to do with Digg and other social networking sites is to add a button to your web pages so that visitors can share/like your content straight away from that very page.

This will increase the amount of Digg traffic that is generated. You have to make it easy for your readers to be able to share your work!

If they have to open new windows and sign in etc, they're probably not going to put the effort in to share a page at all!

Another thing you have to remember is keywords. Make your texts keyword rich and use appropriate tags.

You want your pages to be found easily and this makes your niche internet marketing more effective. This is a great way to get free targeted web traffic from Digg and the search engines.

You have to remember that the traffic comes from Digg users and also from search engines.

You have to make your content searchable by both of these sources in order to get the maximum amount of incoming traffic.

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