Get Good Inbound Links From Deep Links Directories

Deep linking means linking to a page of your website other than the homepage.

Advantages of deep links directories:

-The ranking of internal page of the website increase.
-Search engines will consider the link more natural as it is not pointing to the index page.

These are some easy way to deep links:

Article Distribution:

You can submit articles in the articles directories with links to your internal pages. It helps you promote your index page as well as your internal pages.

Deep Link Directories

There are couple of deep link directories out there with high PR that will only allow you to place internal pages of your website.

There are certain fees involved with some of them. Check out the list of directories.

Social Bookmarking:

Bookmark internal pages of your site. This lets you promote the page as well as getting targeted visitors of that particular page.

Forum Posting:

Use deep links in your signature. For example, let's say Your niche is about "making money online" and you have a subpage on Google Adsense.

Find a forum that is really focused on Google Adsense and put your Adsense page link in the signature. Search engines will love it.

Blog Commenting:

Find blogs that are specifically related to the sub-niche of your site. Comment on them and add the URL of your specific page in the URL box.


It help you to boost your search engine ranking, and it is an effective technique to build strong deep link, with some effort on your part..

It an excellent form of internet niche marketing as it helps to increase traffic and quality of backlinks that navigate towards your webpages.

This will make a lot easier for search engines to get the relevant contents to spider your website.

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