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“I have written a great article with unique content and I want to market it to get exposure. Please tell me where to get exposure?”

This is the common question asked by every new author having abilities to write unique content.

Everyone will try to search for best article marketing strategy to get exposure, fame and on top of all, the traffic to their website or, blog containing articles.

The ways you come across will definitely include internet link building, blog commenting, article directories submission, etc.

Among all ways, the best way to market you article is to submit it to top article directories because it covers all the other ways, i.e. if you submit your article to an article directory, you’ll get a back-link to your website and if readers like your article they will definitely visit your website, hence, you get free web traffic.


There are many article directories available on internet where you can submit your article free of charge.

Among these article directories, some rank higher in search engines and have article marketing credibility by ensuring you huge potential of interested readers.

One of the top article directories is “Buzzle” that has great article marketing credibility where you can market your article free of cost and can get access to hundreds even thousands of readers in short span of time.

Article Marketing Strategy:

A good article marketing strategy should start from the step of finding a good article directory where you can submit your article. And this is one of the best article marketing tips.

A good article directory should have following features:

* It should be free of cost, easy to use and fast.
* Should have all types of categories where you can submit any type of article.
* Should have a strict editorial process which leads to submission of only good quality articles.
* It should be a self-publishing website which means you’ll retain the ownership of your article.
* Commenting system is a must thing for authors to improve themselves.

These are the must features for a good article directory to have and Buzzle have all of them.

If you really want to get exposure, fame and website traffic, Buzzle can do that.

At Buzzle you can sharpen your writing skill by taking the comments of readers in consideration and improving your articles by reviewing them.

Even, if you are not a writer but want to write, Buzzle is one of the best places to take a start and test your skills as it also provides a great platform to beginners.

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