Effective Blog Marketing Methods to Gain Backlinks and Exposures

blog marketing

Once your blog/website is up and running and you have gained some visitors, you will want to think about "blog marketing".

This is an effective way to build inbound links back to your website.

A lot of people don't use this technique in the right place or in the right way; and end up wasting a lot of time and money when there are plenty of effective and free ways for them to market their blogs online.

What they don’t know is that it plays a major role in building backlinks.

Internet link building is a great way to make your links work all over the web – which in turn, will increase your SEO rankings.

Higher SEO rankings lead to your website being ranked highly in various search engines; therefore your site will more likely be found by people and search engine spiders.

Link Exchange:

Building links can be done in a number of ways. You can find related blogs for a link exchange – for example, if your site is about flat stomach exercise, you can link your site to blogs that are related to health, body building, lifestyle and other related niche.

This is very simple, and doesn't effectively put your site out there, but your search engines ranking will increase.


Being a guestpost for a blog that you visit regularly is a good way to get your work viewed by more people. Essentially you're increasing the traffic to your own site by "borrowing" traffic from another site.

The thing to remember if you decide to guestpost is that you should treat the site you are writing for as your own – don't send something out to be published that you would not submit on your own website/blog.

Bad writing will reflect badly on you and will most likely ruin any relationship that you had with the blog that you submitted to. But good quality writing may lead to additional opportunities for writing for this site and others.

Always keep the quality of your work to a high standard. And most importantly you need to keep in mind that the blog must be related to your niche.

Blog Commenting:

Another form of blog marketing is blog commenting; which is probably the most popular way that people market their own blogs/websites.

This is a great way to build backlinks as you can add your URL into your signature, and anyone who views the comments will have access to your URL and it will also be visible to search engines.

A good way to go about blog commenting is to find blogs that are related to your niche and comment on them. The better your comments are, the more likely people are to visit your site.

Be very careful not to spam, leave a comment that has some substance to it. The good thing about this form of blog marketing is that it is free.

Internet link building is the key to good blog marketing. Always remember that whether you are leaving comments or writing as a guest blogger, you should submit good quality work.

You must remember that everything you write is a direct reflection of your own site!

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