Blog Link Exchange Tips

A popular blog marketing strategy is to participate in a blog link exchange with another blog.

Just like blog commenting or having a guestpost, a blog link exchange is a good method of internet link building.

Usually, your link will be displayed in the form of in-text content. Sometimes they give you banner links as well.

Make sure the blogs are within your niche, because if so you are likely to gain a lot of new visitors who could potentially become returning visitors or even paying customers!

And also it gives a good vibes to the search engines about your website.

But in order to have your link displayed on someone else's blog, you will have to display their link on your site.

Sometimes it will be a 1:1 ratio, but it can be 2:1 or even 3:1. So you have to be very careful when deciding who to do a link exchange with.

Sure, it's a great form of internet link building, but what if the link exchange results in your visitors being diverted to this other site, before they have even finished navigating through yours?

It could result in you losing a lot of traffic and even a lot of business.

Also, there are a lot of blog link exchange scams. For example, the site may display your link, but it may be made invisible, or if they are really dishonest, they may change the meta tag to "nofollow".

This will make the tag invisible to search engine spiders, which will likely affect your page ranking.

Or the webmaster may insist that you add their link first, but they never actually link yours back.

Or they will put your link on a page with a very low page rank, but insist that their link appears on your home page.

If you are very careful with it, then it could very well be worth your while to give it a try.

But there are a lot of other forms of blog marketing. They do require some work, but they will no doubt pay off in the end!

You could try blog commenting and leaving your URL as the signature, or you could try writing a guestpost for a blog that is in your niche.

These are both great ways of getting your links out there and increasing your exposure online.

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