Increase your traffic with blog commenting

Blog commenting is an excellent way to more backlinks for your website.

It is an excellent form of internet based marketing that helps you get a lot of free web traffic.

The best way to do it is to find high quality active blogs that are related to your niche and post your comments on the discussion that interests you.

But to get the most benefits out of it, submit comments that add value to the content such as providing extra materials on the topic or a question that could lead a further discussion.

But simply do not post “thanks” or “awesome article” and etc because most of the time they are seen as spam by the blog owners.

There are many benefits of blog commenting. Many internet marketers believe that blog marketing is the easiest one to do so.

You'll get free web traffic with interested readers for your posts.

A good comment would bring much more visitors than thousands of useless comments.

It’s a great way to do internet link building for better search engine ranking.

If you continuously leave comments in the same blog, you can also ask the owner to write a guest post and that will give you a better link.

Always leave a link that redirects back to your website but for better result link back to the web page that is most related to the blog’s topic.

For example if the blog’s page you are commenting on is about Google Adsense and you have a page on your site about this topic then put the URL of that page on the URL box when commenting instead of the homepage.

How To Do Blog Commenting:

First of all you must find some blogs related to your niche and start commenting on them.

You must talk to the readers when commenting on the blogs such as raising a question or adding more information to the topic and etc.

But do not simply write passive comments such as “thank you” and “awesome article” because they are simply waste of time for both you and the readers.

And most critically, do not ever use any marketing language in you comments.


* Always read the full article before commenting.

* Don't forget to leave a backlink to your website or, blog.

* Try to place a unique valuable comment on every post.

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