The Best Article Marketing Strategy

When looking for the most effective article marketing strategy, you should focus primarily on link building and keyword marketing. A lot of online article writers and bloggers will write content for article directories to get more exposure for their own sites for this reason.

Niche writers can benefit greatly from this form of internet based marketing, because it can showcase their knowledge and get more exposure for their website or blog.

The ability to create quality content for article directories is a valuable article marketing strategy as a credible writer can gain respect and popularity which will ultimately lead to an increased volume of website traffic.

article marketing strategy

There are many websites that claim to be "the best free article directory submission site"; but you have to be careful as there are many horror stories where writers have had their work plagiarized or have unknowingly had the ownership of their work given to the site they are writing for.

No one wants to find themselves in this situation – so always remember to check out the sites you want to write for BEFORE you submit anything to them or before you even decide to sign up.

Some of the more popular article directories are, and

Directories like this can be very effective forms of internet based marketing as you can add backlinks to your own site which will lead to higher SEO rankings.

Anyone who has goggled anything will have seen these sites frequently in their search results. It should go without saying that picking the most popular site is a great article marketing strategy.

But you also have to write good quality, credible content in order to make a name for yourself and to secure a following of loyal readers for your website!

When you are writing your articles for submission to any article directories, do not forget about internet link building. Always remember your SEO rankings, as this is what makes your site popular on the search engines.

Internet keyword marketing is the key and plays a major role in article marketing. Make sure anything that you submit is keyword rich, and add your links – if they are allowed.

Internet keyword marketing will ensure that your articles are found on the search engines. And internet link building is really important in getting backlinks for your site out there!

Another thing to consider when you are fine tuning your article marketing strategy is that some article distribution websites allow you to integrate Google AdSense.

So, just like your own website, the content that you submit can have third party advertisements with revenue that is payable to you rather than to the site it is hosted on.

Sites like offer this and EzineArticles allows its writers to add affiliate links, which could also generate additional revenue.

But always remember that your website is the key. Don't stop adding new content to your own site – as fresh posts are what will keep visitors coming back.

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