Article Distribution Tips

If you’ve written a good article that you want to be read by interested readers, you’ve to distribute it.

The best way to get your article read by potential readers is to follow an article marketing strategy that can give you a lot of free web traffic through internet link building and article distribution throughout the whole network.

There are a lot of article marketing tips that can lead you to success in world of article marketing.

Every article that includes article marketing tips will have major part based on “article directories”. Article directories are the major part of every article marketing strategy on the internet.

You can find a huge number of article directories on internet where you can submit your article free of charge and get readers. But, be careful!

There are many stories in which the writer lost his ownership of article unknowingly.

Some, article directories will say that they will distribute your article free of charge but in exchange of that you have to lose your ownership; that’s ridiculous for every writer.

So, what you can do is to research about major article directories that can serve as article distribution agent on the internet, provide you with good services and above all, that don’t snatch the ownership of your article.

article distribution

You should also read TOS of every article directory before joining it.

Followings are some of the top and decent article directories that you can rely upon:


Alexa Ranking = 129

Google Page Ranking = 6/10

EzineArticle is the most popular article directory on the internet with a user friendly interface. This article directory can prove to be very helpful for you to get free web traffic in the form of interested readers.


Alexa Ranking = 403

Google Page Ranking = 6/10

According to Alexa, ArticleBase is the 403rd top visited website. It is also a great directory to submit your articles quickly and easily.


Alexa Ranking = 698

Google Page Ranking = 7/10

Suit101 is another great directory to submit your articles without any difficulty if your article fulfills their editorial terms.


Alexa Ranking = 1,119

Google Page Ranking = 5/10

Buzzle is usually ranked 2nd after EzineArticles by most of the authors, but here it is ranked according to search engines. At Buzzle the articles are published within 24 hours after the submission and gets Google ranked within no time.


Alexa Ranking = 1,690

Google Page Ranking = 6/10

Another great article directory for article marketing that results in internet link building, hence, free web traffic. It is run by Jayde Online Network. Articles here are published fast usually within a week.

Obviously, submitting your article to above mentioned websites will result in successful distribution of your article throughout the internet.

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